A crown may be required if a tooth is susceptible to fracture or failure due to being heavily restored, root-filled, split or fractured. A crown is a full protective cover which permanently sits over the tooth and looks just like a real tooth. A crown can make the tooth stronger, better looking and reduce the risk of breakage.

Our experienced dentists choose to use modern ceramic crowns, as they are very strong and have the most natural appearance, compared to older style crowns such as gold or porcelain, which often over time show darker areas around the gum line. These beautiful ceramic crowns are made by our most trusted and skilled dental health ceramic technicians, who have a wealth of dental experience being years in service. The crown replicates the look of a healthy, natural tooth, in size, shape, colour, shine and transparency.

A dental bridge is sometimes used to replace a missing tooth. A ceramic tooth is bonded to the adjacent teeth, which fills in the gap and improves the appearance and function.

Two appointments, about three weeks apart, are usually required to complete a crown or bridge.

Ceramic restorations in a well-cared-for mouth are at present the longest lasting protection we can offer for teeth with large old discoloured fillings.  In a progressive treatment plan, we can achieve decades of use from ceramic crowned teeth and they become the strongest teeth in the mouth for dependable chewing for years to come.  

No more surprises with unexpected broken teeth!! 

In cosmetic cases in the front teeth ceramic crowns can be used to restore a beautiful but natural smile like you wished you had!  The goal is to make your teeth look wonderful without making them “stand out”.  Careful planning is used with your feedback to provide a great result you will be happy with.

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